Team Facilitation
and Development

Crenshaw’s highly credentialed facilitators
are called upon to lead team off-sites as well as full development programs.
ABOUT Team Facilitation and Development

Crenshaw’s team facilitation and development experts are business leaders who can help bring strategic priorities into focus. We have deep experience with senior executives and the pressing issues they face, which often include optimizing their talent, improving execution, and creating a team that performs at the top of their game. We facilitate team off-sites, strategic planning meetings, new leader assimilations, team building, sessions and board retreats – all with the nuanced approach that senior executives require.

"We value that they bring so much line business experience, particularly in building teams for large organizations. The session was efficient, and we got an excellent outcome, and now they’re helping with further development of the team. I’ll absolutely have Crenshaw back next year."

Vice President, Human Resources,
Global Holding Company
Crenshaw facilitators have business acumen that enables very effective team meetings.
Executive Presence
A specialized coaching program for preparing top talent who aspire toward the C-Suite. Designed to increase the impact of ascending executives.

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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching provides support for sharpening your leadership skills. Our experience and proprietary method is centered on metrics and accountability to ensure you get tangible business results.

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Individual & Team Assessment
You can only leverage your strengths if you know what they are. Our team assessments identify behavioral styles of people and teams. Then we give them a map to help them collaborate and innovate.

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