Individual & Team Assessment

Crenshaw provides in-depth feedback and leads facilitated sessions that provide the roadmap for collaboration, innovation, and sustainable changes that accelerate business performance.

Understanding behavior is key to developing exceptional leaders and teams. Our best-in-class assessment process has been built over 35+ years of experience in working with senior executives. It provides an in-depth understanding of what motivates these leaders, demotivates them, how they affect their teammates, and how they behave under stress – all in the context of their business demands.

Crenshaw provides both individual and team development plans based on this information and our data-based insights. We identify measurable goals and then use scorecarding to ensure accountability as we work together to develop new skills for the leader and for the team.

“Crenshaw was a great partner. They listened to our needs and used their years of experience plus their methodology to customize something just for us. They designed practical leadership tools and executed in a way that really worked for our team..."

Chief Human Resources Officer,
Global Technology and Services Company
Advisory Services
Your Crenshaw Advisor is your peer-level, personal sounding board. Together we work through business issues, navigate team dynamics, and build new skills so you can perform even better.

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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching provides support for sharpening your leadership skills. Our experience and proprietary method is centered on metrics and accountability to ensure you get tangible business results.
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Whether you are transitioning in to a public, private or PE-owned role, our OnBoarding program will accelerate your ramp to productivity and help you "get" the culture you've joined.
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