Whether you are new to the company or transitioning into a new senior level role, Crenshaw’s Integration/OnBoarding program will help you align with your new stakeholders, understand the culture you are joining and get off to a fast start.
ABOUT Integration/Onboarding

Whether you are transitioning into a public, private or PE-owned role, our program will accelerate your ramp to productivity and help you “get” the culture you’ve joined. It will give you a jump start in conquering the cultural, political, strategic, and executional challenges you’re sure to face.

Driven by our proven methodology, your program will help you understand your new team, align with key stakeholders and create a 90-day plan so that you prioritize effectively, avoid pitfalls, and get off to a fast and effective start. Our New Leader Assimilation will provide a facilitated introduction between you and your new team, setting the groundwork so you can work through the steps of early engagement together.

Your Crenshaw Integration/OnBoarding coach will support you 1:1 throughout this critical period. It’s not just about skill, it’s about effective assimilation during this key career milestone and we’ll make sure it’s done right.

"They got to know me really well, and the process itself was terrific, including the New Leader Assimilation session. My Advisor just added so much value to my 100-day plan. I’d use him again in a minute. He made me look so buttoned up and pointed out pitfalls that I was happy to avoid.”

Chief Marketing Officer,
Global SaaS provider
Our approach leverages our proprietary Team CultureMapping™ methodology combined with a structured 90-day plan.
Advisory Services
Your Crenshaw Advisor is your peer-level, personal sounding board. Together we work through business issues, navigate team dynamics and build new skills so you can perform even better.
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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching provides support for sharpening your leadership skills. Our experience and proprietary method is centered on metrics and accountability to ensure you get tangible business results.
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CultureMapping™ is a quantitative way to compare a leader’s cultural predisposition to that of the team they’re inheriting or joining.
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