Executive Presence

A specialized coaching program for preparing top talent who aspire toward the C-Suite. Designed to increase the impact and gravitas of ascending executives.
ABOUT Executive Presence

Crenshaw’s Executive Presence service focuses on strengthening one’s executive brand in order to increase impact. This includes image, communications and exposure to leadership and governance best practices. We help top performers “up their game” in ways beyond business strategy and operational execution.

“I’m way more effective in my interactions now with our board, my peers, and on stage. And I’m more confident projecting myself in a room full of very accomplished executives.”

Global Marketing Officer,
Consumer Products Company
Our Advisors are former P&L executives themselves - leaders who know what it takes to be successful from firsthand
Advisory Services
Your Crenshaw Advisor is your peer-level, personal sounding board. Together we work through business issues, navigate team dynamics and build new skills so you can perform even better.
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Whether you are transitioning in to a public, private or PE owned role, our Integration/OnBoarding program will accelerate your ramp to productivity and help you "get" the culture you've joined.
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Our unique outplacement expertise is in helping senior level clients successfully transition to and from public, private, and PE-owned companies. C-level executives, as well as senior functional and business unit leaders.
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