Executive Coaching

Crenshaw’s Executive Coaching program sharpens the leadership skills of succession candidates and talent on the rise. Our methodology is rigorous and results-oriented to ensure you get tangible business results from your investment of time and money.
ABOUT Executive Coaching

Crenshaw’s time-tested methodology is customized for every executive’s individual needs. You and your coach will work from this individualized plan, while using tools that have helped hundreds of senior executives thrive in their roles.

Our proprietary methodology uses data, formal goal setting, and scorecarding to keep everyone’s eye on success. Goals and measurement are key.

Crenshaw's coaching program includes:

  • Proprietary, curated self-assessment battery
  • Interview-based 360s among key stakeholders
  • Defined development goals
  • Metrics that keep everyone on track
  • 1:1 confidential coaching

"Crenshaw was like my secret weapon. They helped me really leverage what I do well, and think about new approaches in the areas I want to develop. It was a unique relationship. She had my back. She was like my personal ‘corporate sherpa’…”

Senior Vice President, Licensing,
Global Pharmaceuticals Company
A unique element of Crenshaw's approach to executive development is our results orientation.
Team Facilitation/Development
Rely on facts and data, not perception. Teams deserve an objective take on how they’re doing, and how they can tighten up. Our team development program builds on existing team strengths.
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Advisory Services
Your Crenshaw Advisor is your peer-level, personal sounding board. Together we work through business issues, navigate team dynamics, and build new skills so you can perform even better.
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Directorship Prep
After completing Directorship Prep with Crenshaw, you’ll be ready to take hold in a governance role. Crenshaw trains, positions and markets you, and provides ongoing support as you settle in.
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