Directorship Prep

Crenshaw assists aspiring corporate directors in preparing for board service. Our curriculum includes governance training, marketing you for appropriate board roles, and coaching you through your directorship campaign

Crenshaw’s Directorship Prep Program helps establish you as a qualified candidate, and also increases your effectiveness in working with your own board. It starts with defining what type of board you want to join and what you’ll bring to a board. We then build a plan for marketing you to recruiters and prepare you to meet with decision makers, including the Nominating/Governance selection committee.

As a part of your program, you’ll attend Crenshaw’s Directorship Briefing session. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the roles, fiduciary responsibilities, and liabilities of Directors today. You’ll also understand the dynamics of board work and how to be an effective Director.

We’ll craft and execute a marketing plan that includes a board-level resume, bio, and online profile. We’ll market you to our proprietary database of board recruiters and provide background/research, as well as advice throughout your campaign.

"I did not have board experience before I came to Crenshaw. Now I sit on a public company board and two PE boards. I Chair Compensation on one and Governance on another. The support was invaluable.”

Corporate Director,
Fortune 500 Company
Crenshaw's Directorship Prep program involves understanding the roles and responsibilities of today's corporate director.
Portfolio/Alternative Careers
Crenshaw’s portfolio and alternative career services help you articulate your passions, identify real options, and come to a balance of professional and personal fulfillment for the long term.

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Advisory Services
Your Crenshaw Advisor is your peer-level, personal sounding board. Together we work through business issues, navigate team dynamics, and build new skills so you can perform even better.

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Career Planning Assessment
Planning a fulfilling executive career is best done strategically and with intention. Get a strategic plan from a Crenshaw coach that taps your potential and takes professional goals and personal passions into account.

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