It is a quantitative way to compare a new leader's cultural predisposition to the cultural reality of the team
that he or she is inheriting.
ABOUT CultureMapping™

CultureMapping™ is a quantitative way to compare a leader’s cultural predisposition to that of the team they’re inheriting or joining.

We start by quantitatively understanding a team’s culture. With that knowledge in hand, we work with new leaders to build an alignment plan that enables them to achieve their vision and business goals. Because when it comes to new leaders and their teams, operational experience isn’t enough.

"We used CultureMapping™ as the roadmap to improve my team’s effectiveness. It was amazing how Crenshaw led us straight to the problems – all based on data. It was quantitative and generated a dialog that helped us work together so much better. No conjecture."

Vice President, Executive Talent,
Financial Technology Company
Crenshaw’s CultureMapping™ platform includes an application – M&A Compatibility Mapping – for due diligence and integration planning in mergers, acquisitions or internal restructuring. Knowing where the cultures will or will not align in advance saves both time and money.
Team Facilitation/Development
Rely on facts and data, not perception. Teams deserve an objective take on how they're doing and how they can tighten up. Our team development program builds on existing team strengths.
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Directorship Prep
After completing Directorship Prep with Crenshaw, you’ll be ready to take hold in a governance role. Crenshaw trains, positions and markets you, and provides ongoing support as you settle in.
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Individual & Team Assessment
You can only leverage your strengths if you know what they are. Our team assessments identify behavioral styles of people and teams. Then we give them a map to help them collaborate and innovate.
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