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Accelerates collaboration and team effectiveness.

Most teams improve when they approach their own performance in an objective, data-driven way.

Crenshaw works with boards and executive teams to build on their existing teaming capabilities and to close "gaps" that may exist.

Our work is always based on facts and data and leverages our proprietary assessment methodology, Team CultureMapping®, or one-on-one interviews. We work to set goals jointly and lead groups through a methodology that builds new teaming skills and habits. This is usually accomplished in a series of sessions led by Crenshaw where business issues are debated using approaches that build the team’s internal capabilities.

The result is higher performance at the senior-most levels of company leadership, which ultimately results in improved business results.

"Crenshaw led a really good process for us. We covered a lot of ground. Who we are as a team, what we tend to overlook, and how to compensate for that. We got some real work done and are working to keep focused on it even after the session."
Chief Executive Officer
Private Personal Care Company

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