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Provides quantitative insight into the cultural "fit" between a leader and his or her team.

Team CultureMapping® is a proprietary service from Crenshaw. It is a quantitative way to compare a new leader’s cultural predisposition to the cultural reality of the team that he or she is inheriting.

It is well known that a new leader, who fails to respect the culture of the organization he or she is charged with leading, is in for a difficult task. Ultimately, most fail.  

Team CultureMapping® literally points the leader to the Dimensions and Factors of culture, and where he or she is likely to integrate easily with the prevailing culture and where he or she will have different expectations. This information can then be used to construct a plan for taking hold, as well as beginning to migrate the culture toward the leader’s future goals for the organization.

Organizational CultureMapping® is Crenshaw's proprietary, statistically proven, state-of-the-art  technology for the diagnosis, measurement, and management of culture. It used to mitigate business risks associated with succession planning, cultural change initiatives, and strategic restructuring/rationalizations.

On a highly granular basis, this tool identifies cultural anomalies, differences, and similarities within an organization, its various functional, geographic, and operating units, and sub-cultures. The five, key dimensions of any business unit's culture (Values, Followership, Alignment, Engagement, and Climate) are broken down into their key factors as experienced by their various demographic constituencies (i.e. gender, years with company, organization level, location, etc.).

The data is gathered, analyzed electronically, and then presented to leaders through a variety of intuitive graphs to identify where cultural differences and similarities exist, which, if changed or enhanced, would lead to a better performance.

Rather than relying on "gut feel" and intuition alone, the Crenshaw Organizational CultureMapping® tool provides leaders with the concrete data necessary to make hard decisions about restructuring and/or rationalizing organizations and successfully leading cultural change initiatives on a targeted basis.

Organizational CultureMapping® mitigates the risks associated with some of the most important strategic issues a leader will face by measuring culture so it can be managed.

M&A Compatibility Mapping

With merger activity on the rise, senior executives are increasingly under pressure to mitigate the risks of failing to deliver expected results of a deal. Crenshaw's M&A Compatibility Mapping® tool gives prospective dealmakers a tool to measure the cultural landscape of the companies involved in a merger & aquisition using a simple, yet powerful, digital platform providing valuable insights.

With the majority of deals failing due to "culture clashes," Crenshaw's M&A Compatibility Mapping® tool provides an exceptional service critical to the due diligence process.

This fact-based process reduces deal risk and increases shareholder value by pinpointing the degree, the nature, and the specific location of cultural friction between an acquirer’s culture and that of the target before the deal closes. Granular integration plans based on facts rather than perceptions can then be created and tracked.

"They have this way of actually measuring culture. We used it as the backdrop for a session on how to improve our effectiveness, and it was amazing how we went straight to the problems–all based on data, not conjecture."
Vice President, Executive Talent
Financial Technology Company

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