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Identifies and leverages a team's behavioral characteristics and competencies.

Collaboration, innovation, efficient decision-making, and accountability can all be elusive goals for a team. Add the complexity of global reach, cultural nuances, and differing leadership styles, and many leadership teams fail to reach their full potential.

Crenshaw has a core competency in assessing how and why teams function the way they do and in identifying how they can improve.

Our process begins at the individual level, in helping team members understand their own behavioral profiles, including what motivates and demotivates them, and how they impact others. We then use a proprietary approach to build a team profile which reveals team competencies and the behaviors that may block success.

Lastly, change goals are set, and development plans are built that will enable the group to address their strategic teaming needs in an accountable and measureable way.

“Crenshaw listened to our needs and created something just for us. They designed practical leadership tools and executed in a way that delivered results and built confidence with our team..."
Chief Human Resources Officer
Global Technology and Services Company

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