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Ensures the successful alignment of strategic planning goals and the talent needs for the future.

Succession planning is critical to a high-performing leadership culture, and most successful companies have well-established succession planning processes.

Yet, when it comes to filling open positions, companies often find that candidates are not “ready,” and they have to bring in external hires as a last resort.

At Crenshaw, we have an integrated, four-phase approach to implementing succession planning that incorporates both change management and executive development. Our Experts work with the Client’s executive team, talent team, and line managers to design and implement a process that delivers future leaders that are fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Using a metric-oriented approach, Crenshaw’s Succession Planning can be tied to executive development in a seamless way by providing positive career trajectory for high potentials, in addition to a well-developed talent pipeline for the future.

"To be honest, they improved our process tenfold. They were so on point with helping us figure out strategic talent needs down the road. Crenshaw’s leadership was fantastic."
Chief Human Resources Officer
Public Commercial Construction Company

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