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Crenshaw’s unique Partner network enables us to offer the highest quality service providers available in a variety of related fields. We work seamlessly with our Partners on client engagements to insure both a strategic and pragmatic solution to client issues.

AGM Transitions

Based in London, AGM Transitions partners with boards and senior level leaders in career transitions. They work with aspiring executives to help them develop powerful career strategies. AGM also facilitates introductions to their international network of headhunters, private equity clients, and major corporations, opening up an array of new career opportunities. AGM works with executives to evaluate their careers, build their messaging, and understand how the market perceives them. They then help executives to market themselves in the most effective way. They ensure that, when the opportunity arises, their Clients perform at the top of their game. In addition to working with individuals, AGM offers an array of services tailored to the corporate community.

Some of their specialized services for corporations and senior leaders include:

  • Career Transition: While some of AGM's Clients have a very clear idea of where they want to go next, many have less well-defined plans. AGM helps people to look at both their career and life in perspective, and understand more clearly what it is they really enjoy doing, their ambitions, and what values they hold. Using a combination of proven and trusted approaches, AGM provides the means for them to examine their career successes – and low points – and use these to build a picture of their ideal future path and the strategy needed to achieve it.
  • Long-Range Career Planning: This is a unique program for senior executives approaching retirement, which considers a number of options including non-executive directorships, executive chair roles for private equity, and consulting roles.
  • Sounding Board: A program designed to assist executives to improve their work performance.
  • Consulting support: When executives assume new roles, there are a range of issues that they may need swift consulting help to resolve. AGM provides the consulting interventions around team dynamics, strategy, and process change that may be needed.

Whether their Clients are looking for the next step on their career path or are at a crossroads and unsure of their next move, AGM’s bespoke services can help them achieve or exceed their career ambitions.

Please visit AGM Transitions at, or contact Mark Pearson, AGM's Managing Partner, at

Cibles & Réseaux Dirigeants

Cibles & Réseaux Dirigeants is a boutique professional services firm based in Paris, France, that supports European-based executives in their careers. They, like Crenshaw, offer customized peer-to-peer advisory services and specialize in the personal and professional development of senior leaders, with a focus in two areas:

  • Coaching: Professional Development Support for high potentials and executives assuming new responsibilities or moving into a new cultural environment.
    • Newly-appointed executives sometimes focus so much on meeting quantitative goals that qualitative requirements for success – such as team-building and cultural adaptation – are sometimes overlooked.  
    • The Cibles & Réseaux Coach helps executives set priorities, establish new personal and professional goals, and reinforce their leadership.
  • Mentoring (Strategic Behavior): Strategic advisory support between a senior leader and a business-minded Advisor who serves as strategic-sounding board for challenges that the leader faces on the job.
    • Every leader experiences doubt about certain decisions and sometimes feels challenged after making tough choices.
    • A Cibles & Réseaux Mentor is an external Advisor, helping leaders identify the right behavior to reinforce leadership, encouraging them to express firm convictions, and to fully assume responsibility for their actions.

Please visit Cibles & Réseaux Dirigeants at, or contact Partner and CEO Paul Minelle directly at

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