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Supports new leaders in getting off to a fast and successful start.

Newly hired or promoted senior executives only have one chance to get it right. Those coming into a new role from the outside have a myriad of considerations that are cultural, political, strategic, and executional. The learning curve is nearly vertical, and most have no experience in moving into an organization at their new level of seniority.

These newly hired and promoted corporate leaders — and their organizations — benefit greatly from targeted coaching as they take hold in their new assignments. This intensive support focuses on defining goals and timetables, ensuring alignment from above and below, and understanding the cultural dynamics at play.

Whether the key issues are financial, operational, organizational, or cultural, Crenshaw’s OnBoarding Coaches have firsthand business experience and are enormously helpful in getting Clients off to a fast and successful start. 

Our approach leverages our proprietary Team CultureMapping® methodology combined with a structured 90-day plan that helps Clients sort through conflicting priorities, keep “first things first,” and navigate around hidden pitfalls that can undermine the early success of very talented leaders.

"They know me really well, so it was natural for them to help me get on board here. The assimilation session was great. My Advisor just added so much value to my 100-day plan. I’d use him again in a minute. He made me look so buttoned up."
Chief Executive Officer
Family-owned Luxury Goods Company

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