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Superlative teamwork is critical in today’s multicultural, partnership-oriented, fast-paced world of work. Companies that enable and reward productive teaming lead their fields in innovation, as well as financial results. Crenshaw works with boards, C-level teams, and their direct reports to create and enhance a team approach that ultimately results in significantly improved company performance.

Crenshaw’s proprietary assessment approach identifies the behavioral and interpersonal style of a team, as well as what “ideal” teaming might be. We then pinpoint ways to leverage the team’s strengths and close the gaps that prevent peak performance.
Through our development expertise, Crenshaw helps Clients build the teaming capabilities required for business success. Our approach is data-based and hands-on and utilizes real-time business situations in teaching Clients how to team productively.
Team CultureMapping® measures a leader's cultural predisposition relative to the team he or she will lead. It is a proprietary and data-driven approach that helps leaders know how to approach differences and how to choose candidates who will "fit."
We have deep expertise in team meeting facilitation. We frequently lead sessions including board retreats, strategic planning off sites, onboarding new leaders (New Leader Assimilation), team building, and annual business plan meetings.

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