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Crenshaw helps companies improve their organizational effectiveness through focused, outcome-driven work with their senior-most executives. From identifying future talent needs and grooming potential successors to governance improvements and directorship alignment, we support the future development of our corporate Clients.

A key element of delivering results is measuring and rewarding performance. Crenshaw offers a structured performance management approach that reinforces accountability and delivers bottom-line results.
Crenshaw has an array of services that support sound corporate governance. We have expertise in self-assessment, board effectiveness, succession planning, and committee planning/effectiveness.
Boards and CEOs need strong succession plans to insure future success of their organizations. Crenshaw's program can assist in building plans for strategic growth and leadership candidate evaluation.
Team CultureMapping® measures a leader's cultural predisposition relative to the team he or she will lead. It is a proprietary and data-driven approach that helps leaders know how to approach differences and how to choose candidates who will "fit."

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