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Crenshaw is the market leader in supporting the careers of senior level executives. Founded in 1982, we have deeper experience than any firm in the issues that matter most “at the top,” and a full array of services to enhance career planning, transitions, and executive development.

Crenshaw excels at helping senior executives define and achieve "what’s next.” Working one-on-one with each Client, we customize a unique approach that includes strategy, execution, and ongoing support. It's the most comprehensive service available.
Executives benefit from our peer-level Advisors who help them work through developmental goals and serve as a sounding board for strategy, business issues, operational challenges, and team dynamics. Our Advisors also have significant P&L experience.
Succession candidates and high potentials can achieve greater success through our proprietary coaching methodology. It is built on self-assessment, 360s, and goal alignment and uses metrics for the actual measurement of progress.
Crenshaw helps qualified candidates prepare to be corporate directors. Through a highly integrated program, we train, position, market, and advise talented individuals interested in contributing inside the boardroom.
Newly hired or promoted leaders benefit from this targeted coaching. We focus on defining goals and timetables, ensuring total alignment, and understanding the cultural dynamics at play so that executives take hold in the “right way” from the start.
For executives who want to explore career options and plan for the future, Crenshaw enables forward-looking Clients to take greater control of their own destiny by creating a plan that taps their potential and uncovers new fulfilling possibilities.
Many executives are attracted to a move away from a “corporate” environment that still leverages all of their expertise. We are uniquely qualified to help Clients articulate key interests, identify real options, and achieve a new life/work balance.

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