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Enables senior executives and high potentials to maximize their leadership skills.

A unique element of Crenshaw’s approach to executive development is our results orientation. In all of our coaching engagements, we establish metrics that will measure progress. We use a rigorous and disciplined coaching model that includes our proprietary assessment battery, 360s, and clearly articulated development goals. We then build a coaching plan specifically for each Client and measure our results.

Through regular interaction, we prepare succession candidates for promotion, help strong performers get the most out of their organizations, and guide others through the re-tooling needed to achieve their development goals.

Ultimately, our work leverages human capital to improve the bottom line. Our results orientation and ability to measure progress ensures that coaching dollars are well spent.

"Crenshaw was like my secret weapon, I always felt fully prepared. And their team approach was great. Every time I needed something, they were one step ahead of me."
Vice President, Licensing
Global Pharmaceuticals Company

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