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Assists qualified candidates in preparing for and achieving directorship roles.

Crenshaw's Directorship Prep program involves first defining what a candidate brings to a board, what he or she hopes to learn in return, and clearly understanding the roles and responsibilities of today’s corporate director.

This done, we take a strategic approach to marketing our candidates. We identify the types of boards to be targeted and build an effective plan that will help him or her land a board seat. This involves crafting a board-appropriate resume and bio and making our candidate’s availability known through marketing and networking efforts. 

We also lead our Clients through “Directors’ College” — a highly personalized curriculum that defines the roles, responsibilities, and risks of being a corporate director in today’s environment. We provide ongoing coaching as our Clients interview, and later we assist in due diligence to make sure they pick the right type of board given their personal profiles. Finally, we provide legal support for reviewing the adequacy of their D&O insurance.

"I did not have board experience before I came to Crenshaw. Now I sit on three large public company boards and am Chair of Compensation on one and Chair of Governance on another."
Corporate Director
Fortune 500 Companies

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