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Client Demographics

Crenshaw Clients represent a true snapshot of today’s corporate leaders. We work with a broad cross section of corporate and personal demographics, including industry, functional area, gender/diversity, and career goals.

Client Level

Crenshaw Clients come from the most senior levels of corporations. Nearly 20% are also sitting directors.

Client Diversity

31% of our Clients are female/diverse.

Global Responsibility

60% of Crenshaw Clients move into roles with global responsibilities.

Client Career Advancement

Crenshaw Clients significantly advance their careers.

45% remain in their current functional role but move into a new industry segment
20% move into a new function or higher level role in their current industry segment
15% move into a new function or higher level role in a new industry segment
15% move into portfolio or alternate careers
5% remain in their same functional role and industry segment

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