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Builds a unique and individualized strategic career plan for executives seeking advancement or a change.

Crenshaw works with senior executives who want to put a proactive career plan in place. Many have questions about the best environments for them, how to translate their current success into another venue, or how to accelerate their progression.

Each situation is unique, so we customize an approach for every Client. We utilize our proprietary CultureMapping® approach, assessment battery, and decision matrix to build a plan. We identify gaps between the current and future states, and how each Client can fill them. Sometimes this requires marketplace visibility through thought leadership or relationships; sometimes it is based on skill.

Regardless, we build a plan for addressing the gap and help Clients do so. We then move—intentionally—toward a future that is guided by strategic intent and is, ultimately, more fulfilling.

"Their self-assessment is fantastic. I was skeptical because I’ve been through assessment before, but this is at a whole different level. The way they applied it to what I want to do in the future was really empowering."
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Global Business Services Company

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